Inflation-Deflation Systems

The Gnu-Matic system allows inflation or deflation of all four tires at once, saving time and ensuring equalised pressure on all four corners. The system used Haltec normally-closed locking chucks on the hose outlets, so air will only flow through fittings that are attached to valve stems. This allows filling front and rear tires to different pressures if desired. You may also fill a single tire by connecting only one of the Haltec chucks.

Manifold Assembly

Each kit is built around a brass air manifold that has:

  • Ball valve with an M-type (Industrial) male fitting. This coupler will mate to your air source through a whip hose or an adapter fitting during filling operations, and be used as an outlet for airing down.
  • Schrader valve, which can be used for filling at service stations or for use with some brands of compressors.
  • Quick-disconnect outlets for the left and right sides of the vehicle.

Optional Gauge

Lighted digital gauge, 0 – 200PSI with 1% accuracy through the entire range, mounted to the manifold. Gauge has an LED area light on the back. This kit will include a Schrader valve with a quick coupler that mounts to the male M fitting on the manifold, and can be used to inflate from service station air supplies or many consumer compressors. The optional hard-mounted gauge kit includes a quick-disconnect Schrader valve.

Solid Brass Tee-blocks

Solid brass Tee-blocks are used to form the junctions for the front tires on left and right runs. All hose ends are swaged with brass ferrules, and all fittings are US-made brass ¼ NPT.

Whip Hose Kits

These 5-foot whip hoses connect your hose kit to your compressor or air / CO2 tank. with an M coupler on one end, and a coupler to match your compressor on the other. For inflating, attach one end of the hose to your compressor or tank, the other to the male M fitting at the ball valve.

Whips are made from 3/8” hose (as opposed to ¼ for the rest of the system) to get the maximum air delivery to the manifold.

Industrial-grade Ball Valve

The industrial-grade ball valve is made in Italy, rated at 600PSI for use in temperatures down to minus 50°F / minus 46°C

Cordura™ Carry Bag

Hand-made genuine DuPont Cordura™ 1000 Denier carry bag is included with every kit.